What Are The Best Stone Options For Pool Coping?

Pool coping also known as pool headers is a capping material you install around the edge of a pool to make it safe while increasing its appeal. The type of stone you choose often depends on personal preference, but we thought we’d dive into the best options available.

Types of pool headers

Before we look at suitable types of pavers for your coping, let’s look at the three most popular coping styles which may influence your choice.

  • Square edges – give a clean, contemporary look.
  • Tumbled edge – uneven edges giving a rustic.
  • Drop down face – a seamless finish from the pool to the paving, featuring a lip that juts out over the pool edge hiding the rim from view.
  • Bullnose – rounded edges that provide a softer finish.

Are your stone pavers salt tested?

Before investing in pavers, it’s essential to ensure they are suitable for a pool area. Not all natural stone pavers are the same – some can deteriorate near water.

Are your stone pavers non-slip?

Pool pavers are often under water stress, so investing in slip-resistant coping around your pool is essential. Safety around your pool is a priority, which is why installing pavers and pool coping that are safe for all ages is critical.

Does your pool coping profile suit your pool design?

While everyone wants their pool to look beautiful, it’s also essential to match your pool coping to the surrounding features, the character of your home, and your taste.

Are your stone pavers sealed for easy maintenance?

All-natural stone products require sealing to help avoid stain and mould growth.

Types of stone coping

Granite: mostly comprised of quartz, granite is typically dark in colour. Granite is water repellent, durable and versatile.

Bluestone: blue-grey in colour, bluestone is a durable and non-slip natural stone.

Travertine: available in various colours (ivory, light brown, brown, and gold), travertine is another durable natural stone. Travertine typically comes in three finishes and has a luxurious look and feel.

Limestone: durable and weather resistant Limestone has an earthy feel to it. Limestone requires sealing to avoid discolouration.

Slate: available in various colours, slate is versatile in its use. Slate suits several design aesthetics.

Here at Indian Ocean Landscapes, we offer a range of stone pavers suitable for pool coping. Please view our gallery for inspiration. Stone pool coping is a fantastic way to add personal style to your pool area. We offer a range of colours, materials, finishes, and styles, each creating a unique aesthetic.

Your pool paving

A swimming pool is a significant investment that can add value to your home. Choosing a stone paver with the best aesthetics, durability, and longevity for your pool is critical. Indian Ocean Landscapes are leading providers of premium natural stones, including travertine, bluestone, sandstone, Limestone, marble, and granite pavers in Perth, WA.

Contact us if you need help choosing stone pool coping.