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Indian Ocean Landscapes specialises in transforming outdoor living spaces into lush oases, leveraging Perth’s unique coastal environment. We offer comprehensive landscaping services, including design, construction, and maintenance, tailored to each client’s vision.

Our clients’ patios regularly become the focal point of the house, serving as a versatile hub for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. This transformation not only enhances the aesthetics and functionality of their homes but also fosters a deeper connection with their living spaces.

Indian Ocean Landscapes recognises the importance of creating outdoor spaces that not only meet the aesthetic and functional needs of our clients but also contribute positively to the environment and community well-being. Our approach integrates sustainable practices and innovative designs to craft landscapes that are not only beautiful but also eco-friendly and socially responsible.

Partnering with Indian Ocean Landscapes for your outdoor renovation ensures you’re in expert hands, with a team that specialises in transforming outdoor areas into central hubs for relaxation and entertainment. Our tailored approach guarantees a blend of aesthetics and functionality, making us the ideal choice for enhancing outdoor living experiences.

Benefits of Patio Build

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Patios designed by Indian Ocean Landscapes offer several benefits, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetic of outdoor spaces. We expertly tailor designs to maximise any area, ensuring that families can enjoy a versatile and inviting outdoor environment. Whether your space is expansive or modest, Indian Ocean Landscapes focuses on creating areas that serve as an extension of your home, promoting outdoor living and entertainment. Our designs consider your lifestyle needs, integrating features that elevate the usability and enjoyment of your outdoor space.

A patio by Indian Ocean Landscapes will give you an attractive outdoor living space for relaxation and entertainment, and offer environmental benefits by incorporating green spaces. Your patio can be customised with various features, such as seating, cooking areas, and fire pits, tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. We design our patios to be low maintenance, so that you can save time and money upkeeping it.

The design of a patio can significantly enhance your home’s value—a new patio increases home value by 8-10% on average. This means that a patio build often pays for itself through increased appeal and functionality. Essentially, investing in a well-designed patio not only provides immediate enjoyment and utility but also contributes to the long-term financial benefit by enhancing the property’s marketability.

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Get Your Patio Installed with Indian Ocean Landscapes

We make it easy to upgrade your home

Indian Ocean Landscapes help you through the whole process from council approvals, project guidance, full design and construction.

Indian Ocean Landscapes offers a comprehensive service for patio installation, guiding you through every step from obtaining council approvals to providing project guidance, and executing the full design and construction. This seamless approach ensures a hassle-free experience, resulting in a beautifully designed patio tailored to your needs and preferences.

Navigating the process of obtaining council approval for landscaping projects can be complex, but with Indian Ocean Landscapes, clients are supported every step of the way. Our expertise and familiarity with local regulations streamline the approval process, ensuring that your project complies with all necessary guidelines and standards, ultimately facilitating a smoother project timeline and reducing potential delays.

The project guidance step involves personalised consultancy and expert advice to navigate landscape design and construction, ensuring that the final outcome meets or exceeds client expectations. We make sure our clients are well-informed and supported throughout the decision-making process, helping to align the project’s execution with their vision and requirements. During the design and construction step, we translate your vision into a tangible, functional outdoor space. This phase encompasses detailed planning, material selection, and the actual construction, ensuring that every aspect of the design is executed with precision and adheres to the highest standards of quality. This comprehensive process ensures the creation of a landscape that not only meets your aesthetic preferences but is also durable and sustainable.

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Why choose Indian Ocean Landscapes for your new Patio

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Indian Ocean Landscapes best service experience for 15 years, team aim for exceptional results what they offer with quality guaranteed.For over 15 years, Indian Ocean Landscapes has been transforming outdoor spaces into stunning, functional landscapes. Our expertise in design and construction, coupled with a commitment to quality and sustainability, has established us as leaders in our field.

Choosing Indian Ocean Landscapes means opting for a company that prioritises quality, client communication, and environmental sustainability in every landscape design and construction project. We cater to various budgets and lifestyles, ensuring projects meet specific requirements through diligent quality checks and ongoing innovation. Our commitment to client collaboration and feedback underscores a dedication to continuous improvement and satisfaction, while our focus on eco-friendly practices showcases a responsible approach to environmental stewardship.

Embarking on a project with Indian Ocean Landscapes means becoming part of a process where your vision is central to the creation of a bespoke outdoor area. With our team’s extensive experience and a proven track record of successful projects, we are equipped to bring your dream outdoor space to life.

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