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Landscaping Design in Perth

What Our Landscape Designers Can Do For You

Our experienced, in house design team are skilled in reinvigorating existing spaces and creating brand new beautiful outdoor areas. 

We come highly recommended among our Perth clients, thanks to a reputation for quality and client satisfaction across a decade of projects. During the initial consultation, we can provide advice on required landscaping services to realise your vision, including: 

  • Inspired design advice 
  • Pools, Patios and other Structures 
  • Site preparation including earthworks 
  • Required Building and Council approvals 
  • Retaining walls and major construction elements 
  • Decking, paving, concrete and finishing styles 
  • Plant selection and advice 
  • Turf to suit your project 


Our design and construction services include hardscaping and softscaping, for a complete service managed by one expert team. 

Our Landscaping Design Process

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation is the first part of the design process. 

During the consultation, we will discuss your wish list, design requirements, style, products and potential layouts as well as your budget and review any site restrictions. 

The initial consultation lasts approximately one hour and is free of charge. An initial two dimensional site plan will then be presented along with an estimate for the agreed works to be undertaken. Once our basic layout and project budget has been agreed upon, a follow up site visit will be organised to finalise the details of the project before the final design phase takes place. A start date, job timeline and any other questions you may have can be agreed upon at this time. Then you can sit back and watch your design come to life! 


Design Only

Sometimes you just need a plan! Whether you’re not quite ready to hit the button on your landscaping project, you need a plan in place while you undertake some other work to your property or you’d like to have a vision for the future, Indian Ocean Landscapes can provide a detailed plan perfect for your outdoor space. Our detailed plans include all dimensions, materials, quantities, plant lists and all other relevant information. The plan is yours to keep and can be presented in hard copy or digital editions.

Our standard price is $770.00 inc GST.

If you decide to request a quotation from Indian Ocean Landscapes at a later date this will be provided and our design fee will be deducted from your landscaping quote. We take pride in our knowledge as installers of quality landscapes and reflect this experience in our designs that are not only beautiful, but designed to budget and practicality.

Complete Landscape Design

Indian Ocean Landscapes offers a complete and professional design option.

These plans provide a complete vision of what your landscape project can become, with all the added extras not all designers can offer. Our complete plans can include all or any of the following elements:

  • Rendered 3D Elevations and Perspectives
  • Detailed 2D Construction Plan
  • Full Materials List
  • Reticulation Plans
  • Soil Testing and Specification
  • Building Approvals and Certification
  • Site Surveys
  • Lighting Plans
  • Earthworks Plans
  • Construction Documentation
  • Structural Engineering


Prices are to be agreed upon at consultation depending on site size and required additions

Design Packages

Detailed 2D Landscape Design

Starting from $1760.00

Our 2D Landscape Design starts with a detailed and scaled site plan. This plan will pull together all elements of the project listed in our scope of works. Placement of features, trees and any construction components will be noted, as well as locations of control boxes, outdoor lighting, pots or required pre-lays.  

Inspirations Page: This page provides you with a visual representation of certain elements and themes considered in your Landscape Design. Our aim is to give you as much information as possible before we bring our designs into reality.  

Construction Elements: As part of our 2D Landscape Design, we provide detailed construction documentation of sections of the project that require them. This includes plans for brickwork, patios, pools, concrete, aluminium screens or steel fabrication. These plans can be sent to sub-contractors for quoting if required, eliminating the guesswork any associated surprise costs. 

Plant and Material Selections: Here we outline all trees and plants to be used in your landscaping project. We also visually confirm the material selections for each part of the project. These may be suggestions from our end, or if you know exactly what you are after in your project, your selections will be included here. 

We take pride in our knowledge as installers of quality landscapes and reflect this experience in our designs that are not only beautiful, but designed to budget and practicality. 

3D Rendered Landscape design

3D Rendered Landscape Design

Starting from $3250.00

One of the primary advantages of using 3D rendered landscape designs is that they offer better visualization. Using 3D design software, we can create a more accurate and realistic representation of the final product. This allows our clients to get a better sense of how their space will look and feel, which can lead to greater satisfaction with the end result. 

Our 3D designs can incorporate all aspects of your project including lighting effects, overshadowing projections from proposed structures or large trees or precise location of critical elements. By designing in three dimensions, we can also move quickly to detailed construction drawings or complete elevation presentation, which can then be used in preparation for any council approvals or submissions required. 

These plans provide a complete vision of what your landscape project can become, with all the added extras not all designers can offer. Our complete plans can include all or any of the following add-ons 

  • Irrigation CAD Drawings 
  • Lighting Plans and Effects 
  • DA Planning Approvals 
  • Building Approvals and Certification 
  • Construction Documentation 
  • Structural Engineering 

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