Reticulation Specialists Perth

We work to make your garden reticulation as waterwise as possible

At Indian Ocean Landscapes, we are passionate about keeping your garden looking great year-round with services such as reticulation installation in Perth.

With our warm climate and an average of 8.8 hours of sunshine a day here in Perth, watering your plants and lawn with a watering can, hose or a single sprinkler just isn’t as efficient or effective as a durable and reliable reticulation system.

As a landscaping business from right here in Perth, we’re committed to helping you achieve your dream garden with a little help from a well-designed, high quality reticulation system.

Reticulation Installation Perth

Common Reticulation Problems

Our team at Indian Ocean Landscapes not only specialise in reticulation installation in Perth, we also offer residential and commercial services for reticulation repairs.

With years of experience in detecting and analysing reticulation problems, we know a thing or two about the most common issues in reticulation systems. Some of these issues include:

  • Reticulation systems not working.
  • Broken sprinklers.
  • Drop in pressure.
  • Coverage issues.

If you begin to experience reticulation problems, broken sprinklers or any other issues, our team at Indian Ocean Landscapes are only a phone call away.

What an Effective Reticulation System Needs

To maintain a healthy, luscious and enviable garden at home or at your business, you need a high-quality reticulation system water your yard and garden.

However, every garden is different – so when we undertake a reticulation installation in Perth, we use the latest technology to design and build a tailored system based on the type of soil, specific plants, and turf variety.

Some of the key components of an effective retic system are:

  • Reticulation Controller: The brain of your reticulation system, which allows you to control how often you water, the length of watering time and where you water.
  • Solenoid Valves: A valve that controls to the flow of water through your retic system.
  • Underground Piping: PVC piping that can handle high water pressure, which transports water from the source to the sprinklers around your garden.
  • Sprinkler: The end point for your water. These can be pop-up sprinklers, shrub style sprinklers or fixed spray heads

Reticulation Installation & Repairs

Installing and repairing reticulation systems requires a high level of understanding and years of experience.

When it comes to break downs or issues within your reticulation system, you can rely on our team at Indian Ocean Landscapes to get to the bottom of your issue, repair the system and get your garden back to its former glory in no time. We undertake a range of residential and commercial installation, service and repair jobs for clients all over Perth.

Whether you are looking for reticulation installation in Perth or reticulation repairs and replacements, you can trust our team at Indian Ocean Landscapes to use our years of experience to provide high quality, personal service. Contact us today for advice or a free design & quote today!