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Retaining wall design and construction in Perth

Retaining walls create safer outdoor spaces for features such as driveways, decks, patios, and kitchens. Indian Ocean Landscapes have extensive experience in designing, building, and finishing all types of retaining walls across Perth, WA. Retaining wall structures are integral to most landscapes, transforming unusable spaces into functional and stylish outdoor areas.

A common misconception about retaining walls is that they are the same as boundary walls or fences. However, retaining walls are load-bearing structures used by builders and landscape designers to support loose soil and create useable outdoor spaces.

Along with providing structural benefits, retaining walls are essential for property leveling. If your property is on a gradient, installing retaining walls is a great way to create garden beds for a stunning landscape design. Retaining wall cans also be constructed to provide built-in seating, creating extra entertaining spaces in small backyards.

Retain Walls Perth

Retaining Walls are Versatile

The team at Indian Ocean Landscapes has experience constructing all types of retaining walls. Here are just some of the finishes and materials available for your retaining wall in Perth:

  • Natural Limestone Blocks
  • Reconstituted Limestone Blocks
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Panel and Post
  • Face Brick
  • Brick and Render
  • Timber Sleeper
  • Natural Stone or Limestone Spalls
  • Gabions

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