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We can help you create a plant-filled garden destined

Plants play an important role in the overall aesthetic of gardens. Plant choice can change the look and feel of outdoor spaces, evoking different feelings and capturing moods. You can use large plants as features or mass plant smaller species to create impact. Many people think home isn’t complete without a beautiful outdoor area. Due to Perth’s nature and climate, we recommend you seek expert advice from the Indian Ocean Landscapes team when making plant choices for your garden.

Landscape Planting Perth

The importance of plants

Along with beautifying and enhancing outdoor residential and commercial spaces, plants can influence the feel of a space. Indian Ocean Landscapes provide a complete garden design, plant acquisition, and plant installation service to suit your needs, site conditions (soil, light, watering requirements), budget, and overall aesthetic. 

Our longstanding relationships with premiere plant suppliers in WA allow us to source the perfect plant for your project. Once we have found your perfect plants, we will oversee the site preparation and the installation of all your glorious plants.

From a romantic English kitchen garden to a contemporary Mediterranean-style outdoor area, the team at Indian Ocean Landscapes understands every project is different, and every plant has something to offer.

Our team of qualified professionals is available to assess, envision, and create your dream landscapes in Perth; all you need to do is call to set up an appointment to find out more.

Why choose Indian Ocean Landscape?

Here at Indian Ocean Landscapes, we are passionate about plants because we understand how much they can influence the overall look of your garden.

Our team of qualified and experienced landscape designers delivers creative solutions to each project, bringing your dream garden to life. We tailor our plant choices to match your aesthetic and your lifestyle. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a plant-filled garden destined to bring you joy for years to come.

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