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Artificial Lawn Installation Perth

Exceeding expectations time and time again

Backyard sports, playing with pets and enjoying time with your kids all have one thing in common: a great family friendly lawn.

Having a luscious backyard full of weed-free lawn is a dream for many Australians, but laying grass over a concrete jungle or replacing the dead grass with a better suited variety might seem like too big a task to tackle on your own.

Our team at Indian Ocean Landscapes are experts in lawn installation in Perth, supplying you with instant lawn to enjoy year-round.

Artificial Grass Installation

Turf Installation

At Indian Ocean Landscapes, we combine our years of expertise with our trademark professional service to ensure you get the right turf for your needs.

Whether you love the smell of freshly cut grass or you’d prefer the low maintenance of synthetic turf, we can supply and install the perfect turf for you.

When it comes to choosing the variety of lawn you want to install, it comes down to where you want to install it, how durable you want it to be and how much shade or sun the new lawn will receive.

Varieties of Turf

To the uninitiated, grass might all seem fairly similar, with the only difference being that some lawns look as green as the MCG, while others look like they need some serious TLC!

There are an assortment of good quality, durable varieties of turf to suit the warmer Perth climate – we’ve summarised five of our favourites below.

This lawn is the number one selling Buffalo type in the world because as the name suggests, it is soft-to-touch. This variety is durable and fairly low maintenance, with a high resistance to wear and salty water, as well as a high shade tolerance, making it a great choice for those areas shaded by your home, trees or other buildings.

Next on our list is Sir Walter – a variety of buffalo grass that is the most popular type of lawn across Australia. The popularity of Sir Walter stems from its superior shade tolerance, suitability to both full sun and shaded spots and its resilient nature.

This variety is a soft-to-touch all-rounder that is commonly used in sports grounds, golf courses and parks. Wintergreen couch is easy to care for because it requires less water, mowing and fertilisation than other types of turf – plus it’s also a resilient variety that will repair and recovery from damage or wear.

To assist with lawn establishment of this turf, you want to ensure you have a suitable soil type to supply nutrients and prevent water loss.

If you’re looking for a highly drought tolerant, heavy duty grass that is fast-growing, Kikuyu grass is a brilliant choice. Kikuyu grass has great winter colour retention and can be laid as by turf rolls or propagated from planting runners.

It is regularly used in parks, reserves and ovals across Perth, with a variety of Kikuyu used extensively around Perth’s very own Kings Park.

For those who love the look of large format paving, granite pavers are superb. Granite paving is practical, yet elegant, with a wide range of sizes and colours available.

This turf variety is low maintenance, thrives in extreme heat & humidity and has a stunning dark green colour. It is a great choice for domestic front and backyards, as well as low traffic areas on commercial premises.

Because this turf thrives in hotter areas, it has a poor frost tolerance and is not suitable for colder, in-land areas where frost is prominent.

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