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We’re passionate about quality paving

Quality paving can completely transform your backyard, driveway, patio and pool surrounds, as well as the overall aesthetics of your outdoor areas.

At Indian Ocean Landscapes, we are passionate landscape designers in Perth who are committed to creating an outdoor area that is practical, stunning and most importantly, unique to you.

We use our years of experience in landscape design to help you choose quality pavers for your landscaping project, then we ensure they are installed to the highest standard to give your pavers a long-lasting wow factor.

Paving Options

Why Choose Paving?

Paving has evolved over the years from the standard clay pavers of old to an almost endless choice of finishes and styles.

A few of the benefits of using high quality paving include:

  • Durability: Pavers can handle the weight of vehicles, barbeques, outdoor furniture and foot traffic, making it a great flooring choice for many outdoor spaces of your home.
  • Replaceable: They are easy to replace if any cracks or damage do occur – Indian Ocean Landscapes provide paving repair as part of a suite of paving services.
  • Paving Range: Pavers come in a wide range of colours, styles and materials to suit your home
  • Installation: As experienced paving installers in Perth, we work quickly to install your paving so that your outdoor space can look brand new in less time.

Where Can I Use Paving?

Quality pavers are a great flooring choice for around swimming pools, along driveways and under patios because they provide a durable and sturdy surface, which is great for walking on and placing furniture or appliances on.

Paving stone can also be used as a walkway through your garden, which is both practical and a great way to add more dimension to your outdoor space.

Swimming Pool Headers & Paving

Paving doesn’t just offer an aesthetic element to your outdoor area – it also provides a practical one.

As experienced paving installers in Perth, we are experts in the correctly laying and installing paving for your landscape project.

In addition to installing new pavers as walkways, flooring for your patio or for your driveway, we also install special paving around the edge of your pool, known as a ‘pool header’, which helps to reduce the risk of injury in your pool surrounds.

Types of Paving

Choosing the right paver for your project is critical to achieving the look that matches the overall theme of your outdoor area.

At Indian Ocean Landscapes, we aren’t just paving suppliers, we are also paving installers in Perth. With our years of experience, we are well versed to give you recommendations and advice on all types of paving, including concrete pavers, clay pavers, recycled heritage brick paving and all types of natural stone paving.

Clay pavers need minimal, if any, maintenance and are flexible in nature, making them a great choice for using in the garden. They come in earthy tones such as browns, tans, oranges and reds.

They are also naturally textured, making them fairly slip resistant and a great choice for around the pool or as a walkway that will endure heavy foot traffic.

Concrete paving is a popular, cost effective, durable and low maintenance choice that comes in a range of colours, shapes and designs.

They are inherently very strong and non-slip, making them an ideal choice for anywhere in your outdoor space.

This attractive and durable stone can be used in garages, outdoor areas and patios, as its light beige colour easily blends in and complements the colours of your garden.

Travertine paving is highly moisture resistant, comes in a variety of shapes, colours and finishes, is durable & versatile and best of all, is incredibly easy maintenance. What’s not to love?

Marble paving can add a touch of elegance and luxury to your outdoor area, while remaining water resistant, durable and incredibly unique to look at.

For those who love the look of large format paving, granite pavers are superb. Granite paving is practical, yet elegant, with a wide range of sizes and colours available.

Classic red clay brick paving is still a popular choice, offering character, durability and raw beauty. Recycled clay bricks are also the more environmentally friendly option, helping to saving unnecessary waste.

With extensive knowledge in paving services, we can help you choose the perfect paved finish for your outdoor space.

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