How To Make A Small Garden Look Bigger

For those without much landscaping experience, those trying to makeover small urban gardens into bigger-looking outdoor oases will likely face some typical hurdles like over-cluttering, cramped entertaining areas and awkward, inaccessible spots in your garden.

However, with the right landscape design plans in place, there are a few simple ways you can help create the illusion that your small garden is bigger than it actually is. From clever plant placement to a lick of white paint, here are some easy ways you can make your small garden look a lot bigger than it is.

Tips on how to make a small garden look bigger

  • Use clever plant installation techniques

Once you’ve selected the types of plants you’ll be using, get creative with placement by creating things like vertical gardens on a supporting wall, hanging pots from beams and tight clusters of plants of different heights. These techniques all utilise optical illusions that will give your garden more space for wandering or other landscaping/furniture pieces.

  • Don’t over-clutter the space with plants

While certain tactics of plant installation (like the vertical gardens and hanging pots we’ve mentioned above) will maximise space, an over-cluttering of plants and plant pots will make it feel like there is less space for other garden features or furniture, and less space to walk around the garden.

  • Get creative with outdoor storage

Instead of stacking any outdoor equipment or gardening gear in visible areas, opt for outdoor furniture that includes built-in storage that can cleverly conceal your gear underneath or behind furniture pieces. This could be as simple as an outdoor lounge that lifts up to reveal hollow space for storage, or an outdoor coffee table with a door that, when open, can fit blankets or other outdoor gear that you’ll need to easily access.

  • Choose your landscaping design wisely

When deciding what you’d like represented in your landscape design plan, consider a few clever optical illusions that could give the appearance of more space. One of these is the size of your pavers. If you opt for a large paver, you won’t need as much gout to connect the big pavers to one another, and you’ll therefore create a slick, seamless look over all of your outdoor tiling.

  • Embrace quirky statement pieces in small courtyard areas

To give your courtyard a modern feel, pick a quirky statement piece, like a sculpture, odd-shaped piece of furniture, a bespoke structure like a zen garden or an interesting plant. Pair your piece with other simplistic small pieces of furniture and basic landscaping techniques like small, same-coloured tiles to make your courtyard area seem spacious and welcoming.

  • Add a lick of white paint

As many home DIY-ers would know, white paint has lightening and brightening properties, which can make it an extremely effective way to make a small space appear bigger. White garden furniture or white-painted brickwork can help make the space look brighter and more open.