Guide To Reticulation Repairs In Perth

A well-installed reticulation system can make all the difference to your garden’s appearance. Perth’s often harsh summer climate can affect the growth of even the hardiest plant species, which is why it is so critical to ensure your retic system is working well without any problems. Perth introduces water restrictions over the warmer months. Reticulation avoids overwatering and makes caring for your garden convenient, efficient, and effective.

If you discover an issue with your retic, you must repair it as soon as possible. The Indian Ocean Landscapes teams are expert landscapers and irrigation specialists. We’ll ensure your irrigation or reticulation system functions as well as possible.

Common retic problems

While you can quickly fix some common problems, more complex issues must be examined by a retic professional. Let’s start by identifying common problems you may encounter with your garden retic.

Clogged Sprinkler heads

Dirt and other debris can clog your sprinkler heads, causing reduced water flow. This reduced water flow can result in patches in your lawn or your garden beds failing to receive the right amount of water. If you notice a clogged sprinkler head, remove the nozzle. Rinse it and its filter until the water runs clean. If this doesn’t remove the blockage, contact our team.

Sprinklers obstructed by plant growth

If you have a large garden with complex irrigation, you can easily lose track of sprinkler locations. As your garden plants grow and develop, they may obstruct your sprinkler spray. Our landscapers can provide landscaping maintenance services to keep your plants healthy and attractive and ensure your irrigation system is always as effective.

Reticulation design issues

As your garden matures, it may change, either through human intervention or natural plant growth. You may decide to extend your lawn or install some raised garden beds for growing vegetables; whatever the change, your retic system will need to change too. Our team can help you solve any design problems you encounter.

Missing sprinkler nozzles

Sprinkler nozzles can loosen over time, can be chewed off by cheeky pets, or torn off accidentally when you’re gardening. A missing nozzle lets water spew out at an alarming rate which can cause flooding and significantly affect your water bill. If you notice a jet of water spraying up, call us. We’ll repair your sprinkler head and ensure your reticulation system in Perth is working correctly.

Excess water runoff

If you notice the water from your retic running off into the driveway or footpath in front of your house, it may mean your soil has reached its saturation point. This means the ground can’t absorb any more water. Try reducing the time you run your retic system to ensure you’re not overwatering your garden.

The Indian Ocean Landscape team has extensive experience installing and maintaining reticulation systems across Perth. We can help design your retic and ensure it continues to run correctly.

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