Commercial Landscaping: Creating a Welcoming Environment for Your Business.

If you own a commercial property, there’s a good chance you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what customers and clients will see and feel when they walk into your business. A warm and inviting atmosphere can leave a positive impression, particularly if this is the first time a customer has had face to face contact with your business.  


While many businesses tend to focus on making sure the property is clean, well maintained, has an easy to navigate layout, good lighting and friendly and welcoming staff, one thing that is often missing is the exterior.  


An attractive exterior is a great way to welcome people to your business, so let’s take a more in depth look at the benefits of commercial landscaping and how it can enhance the view of your business.  


How Landscaping Creates a Welcoming Environment 


In residential real estate, kerb appeal is often spoken about – that is, the first impression someone gets when looking at your property. But business is no different. The exterior of your commercial property is often the first thing that potential customers, clients, and staff see when they enter the building. Landscaping that is well designed and well maintained can make a big difference towards creating a welcoming environment to your business.  


But first impressions and kerb appeal aren’t the only reason for landscaping the outside of your commercial building. Landscaping can provide plenty of environmental benefits including improved air quality, reduced noise pollution, and temperature regulation. This can create a more comfortable and healthier environment for both employees and customers, and, if you promote your business as being sustainable, it’s a great way to back up that statement.  


We know that as a business owner, you don’t have the time to get out there and do the garden, and that’s where a professional commercial landscaper comes in.  


Kerb Appeal and Aesthetics  


One of the main reasons that businesses look to invest in professional commercial landscaping is to enhance the look of the property. Commercial buildings can often be bland, so a well-maintained garden can catch the eye and make a positive impression. Additionally, it communicates to visitors and staff that you care about your brand, and how your business is perceived.  


When thinking about commercial landscaping, you should consider the following elements:  


Plants and Flowers: Choose plants, flowers, and trees that complement your building’s architecture and the local climate. Seasonal blooms can add colour throughout the year and our Mediterranean style climate is perfect for growing a large range of plants that can bring colour to your building. For those preferring a waterwise garden, there are a whole range of native plants that will happily grow here in Perth.  


Hardscape Features: Incorporate hardscape elements like pathways, benches, and fountains to create a visually pleasing and functional outdoor space. These features make it easier for your staff to talk to clients in a casual manner, or allow your staff to take breaks outdoors, which means they come back to work much more refreshed.  


Lighting: Thoughtfully designed lighting can highlight key features of your landscape. Lighting works to firstly make your building stand out at night, but also works as a safety feature for staff leaving work, or starting work, while it’s still dark.  


Branding and Identity  


It’s interesting to think that landscaping can serve as an extension to your brand identity, but it is a great opportunity to integrate elements of your brand into the outside of your building. Utilising plants and flowers in the colours of your logo allows you to reinforce the presence of your brand.  


Consider choosing plants and flowers in colours that align with your brand’s colour palette. Having plants that flower throughout the year will ensure your brand is always on show. You can also consider incorporating your business name or logo into the landscaping using custom signage or plant arrangements. A great way to do this is to include a water feature and include your logo.  


Environmental Benefits  


Did you know that a well-planned landscape at your business could have numerous environmental benefits? By utilising native plants and using a professional landscaper well-versed in sustainable landscaping practices, you can have a great looking entrance for your building while still reducing water consumption, conserving energy and promoting biodiversity.  


A sustainable garden not only shows your commitment to the environment but can also mean cost savings for your business over time. Strategically placed trees and plants can provide shade and windbreaks, helping to reduce energy costs by cooling buildings in the summer and blocking cold winds in the winter. 


To make a garden sustainable, you should consider opting for drought-tolerant plants that require minimal watering, and for those plants that do need regular watering, opt for smart irrigation systems that adjust the amount of water used based on weather conditions and the moisture levels in the soil.  


One of the big benefits of making a sustainable garden is that it creates habitat for local wildlife, giving them a safe place to look for food and shelter.  


Improved Employee Morale  


There is plenty to be said about quality commercial landscaping, and it is interesting to note that it isn’t just your customers that benefit from a lovely welcome to your building – it will also have a positive effect on your employees. An outdoor space that is designed with your employees in mind provides for an area to take breaks, socialise over lunch or simply enjoy a five-minute breather in fresh air on a busy work day.  


Your outdoor space doesn’t need to be all flower beds and hedges. When considering an employee-focussed area, you should consider installing benches, picnic tables and shaded areas where employees can sit during break times and create walking paths and small garden areas that promote rejuvenation as well as offer a space to talk to clients outside the boardroom. You could also consider other amenities such as an outdoor recreational area that promotes a healthy work-life balance.   


A well-designed outdoor area can boost morale and productivity, as well as create a work environment that is welcoming and pleasant.  


Property Value 


Let’s talk about the all-important property value because this is a factor that many businesses should really consider when improving your commercial property. It’s well known that a well-landscaped property tends to have higher property values, and if you are ever planning on selling or leasing your commercial property, it is certainly a good way to attract potential buyers or tenants.  


It’s important to note however that the extent to which landscaping contributes to property values can vary depending on your location, local commercial real estate trends, and the quality of the landscaping itself. While landscaping can enhance property values, it’s essential to invest wisely and choose landscaping elements that align with the preferences and needs of potential buyers in your area. Working with a professional landscaping team will certainly help ensure that your outdoor area looks good and is easy to maintain both now, and in the future.  


Why You Should Work with a Professional Landscaping Team  


Working with a professional landscaping team offers numerous benefits and advantages, particularly to business owners seeking to enhance their commercial space but lacking the time or skills to undertake the work themselves.  


One of the big benefits of working with professional landscapers in Perth is that we can create customised designs that maximise the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. We can turn your ideas into a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing plan, considering factors like colour schemes, plant selection, and layout; and if you don’t know what you want, we have years of experience to be able to offer you plenty of options.  


We know that landscaping can be both time consuming and take a larger budget than you were originally planning, and while it may seem counterintuitive, hiring professionals can save you money in the long run. We can help to prevent costly mistakes, ensure the proper selection of plants and materials, and optimise your landscape’s efficiency, ultimately reducing ongoing maintenance expenses. Even better is that because we buy in bulk from long term and trusted suppliers, we can often supply plants and materials at a lower cost than you could get yourself.  


Don’t forget that as local landscapers, we are familiar with the climate, soil conditions, and plant species that thrive in the Perth area. Our local expertise ensures that your landscape is well-suited to the region’s unique characteristics and saves you time in researching the best plants for your location.  


Investing in commercial landscaping is an investment in your business. A well-designed and well-maintained landscape can enhance your business’s kerb appeal, reinforce your brand identity, improve employee morale, and offer environmental benefits. It’s an opportunity to create a welcoming environment that leaves a lasting positive impression on customers, clients, and employees. So, if you haven’t already, consider the potential of commercial landscaping to transform your business’s exterior into a welcoming and inviting space.